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Clooney Returns To Quot Er Quot Maybe

This is not particularly shocking news - that been mentioned by costar Noah Wyle, the producers came out and said much that a cast of thousands of people would return, and when I spoke with Goran Visnjic here at Sundance, said they expect a lot familiarity that is facing in the final. So, according to those crazy Internet Report, George Clooney will be back on the set this week ER shooting a cameo for the show final season. But, as Anthony Edward made me yesterday, C is a gonna end? Edward - that also at Sundance - it alludes to the fact that NBC has added three more episodes in which what is being transformed by TV equivalent of a bad dissolution. And too much to hope for some Maria Bello to here?. L man who was Mark Green says part in his latest flame, but I m asking that the rest are re gonna haul back to the Province before the ER era is close.
26.1.09 09:04

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